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Thank you for visiting this blog about Iowans at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver. This blog was put together by The Cedar Rapids Gazette. Here is a list of the people taking part in this blog.

Rod Boshart

A political reporter for The Gazette.

Todd Dorman

A columnist and blogger for The Gazette.

Katherine Marcano is a 23 year old student from Cedar Rapids; she attends Mount Mercy College full time and is majoring on Social Work. Katherine is the guardian for her sister Barbara who has Cerebral Palsy and in a wheel chair. She is taking care of her sister due to the health problems her mother has, having undergone 3 heart cauterizations. Despite the overwhelming adversity in her life, Katherine looks ahead and hopeful that she will have a chance in life to overcome whatever roadblock she finds and be able to help her family and her community.

Evan D. Anderson, 23, originally from Cedar Rapids. Here is a little bit about him.

I graduated from Coe College in Cedar Rapids in 2007 with a BA in History and Political Science. Currently I am continuing the process of becoming a full-time teacher in Psychology, American and World History and American Government at the secondary level. I attended Washington High School in Cedar Rapids where I fondly remember feverishly running about during the dress rehearsal for WHS’s fall production of “West Side Story,” while watching the 2000 elections on the TV in the band room in between scenes. My love of politics is inherited genetically, with my father passing on his devotion to environmental and union struggles, and my mother giving me a boisterous passion for all things associated with education and free speech. I am attending the Denver Convention not merely as a former Clinton supporter, but as a member of the Credentials Committee. As the youngest member of the committee, I am committed to the open discussions of seating minority delegates and the continued involvement of young Democrats throughout the nomination process.

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