Getting down to politics

By Evan Anderson – If, as the hipster song goes, that you “can’t trust that day,” Monday provided the mindless entertainment for the Iowa delegation while Tuesday is looking more and more productive for politicking.

Sadly however, those within earshot of the appropriate people at the breakfast table learned that Senator Tom Harkin will be departing Denver early Thursday and may not be attending Senator Obama‘s acceptance speech at Invesco field. Of course many in Iowa’s delegation were eager to share their trying stories of what security measures are like in Denver at the moment. Such is the state that it would take until Thursday morning, if you left now, to pass through security just to get into the parking lot of Invesco.

Standing committee members who ventured out and about the LoDo area last night shared their adventures over unhealthy white flour muffins and eggs with so-called “spicy” sausage. Apparently the traveling situations are made worse when the bomb squads are out and about, as if characters from either Orwell’s “1984” or else the “Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.”

During the breakfast, delegates were “pleased beyond punch” to listen to Lt. Governor Patty Judge and Governor Culver punching the air with their passionate endorsements of Senator Obama’s record of experience serving Iowa’s unique renewable energy concerns.

Culver’s wife joking noted to several delegates that in future conventions it might be best to move all the celebratory gatherings from the evening to the morning so the delegation can get their eight hours of sleep. The breakfast concluded with a drawing for credentials to today’s convention. Delegates getting their name drawn for one of what can be described as “cherished” guest passes to Pepsi were suddenly the most popular persons in the room.

Latest updates on the hotel imbroglio: the Nevada delegation gets a coffee bar still smaller than ours, but the pastries served there looked far more heart-friendly. Delegates will need all the healthy foodstuffs they can lay their hands on as we prepare to ship out at O-Fourteen-Hundred hours for the Pepsi center to listen to several Iowans address the general assembly.

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