Pelosi praises Iowa delegation

By Evan Anderson – Making the rounds of the Rialto coffee-computer table still proves satisfying, with various Honored Guest-pass holders and minor media meddlers loitering around hoping for any tidbits or trivia.

Point of fact, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi already has been here and gone, the only person of interest left is Governor Culver milling around the hotel lobby with a grande something from Starbucks. The Nevada delegation is now easily identifiable thanks to the cowboy hats many received at their delegation’s breakfast earlier this morning. Our delegation received the praise of Speaker Pelosi, as well as French Toast with fruit and more pineapple. Senior ranking Illinois Senator Dick Durbin also paid the Iowa delegation a flying visit, thanking our caucuses for functioning so very well.

The helter-skelter headaches, familiar fallen arches and cramping calves are beginning to settle in for many of the Iowa delegates, with many thanking the DNC for providing bottles of Ibuprofen in the delegation’s welcoming bags. Said Peggy Whitworth, delegate from Cedar Rapids, “I hope I don’t fall asleep until after I get on the plane.” Whitworth went on to say that although tired from the convention activities, she nonetheless feels like a seven-year old, energized and eager for more.

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