How I met Joe Biden, Michelle Obama and Janet Napolitano

By Katherine MarcanoTuesday was another exciting day, and busy as well. In the morning I participated in a forum with Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Janet Napolitano, the governnor of Arizona among other distinguished guest.

I introduced Michelle to a crowd of at least 350 people, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. I had already met with Michelle so I felt very confident with her.

Michelle Obama is a humble, down to earth individual who also is very strong and intelligent and believe it or not she does listen, and always asks for advice and ideas. She likes to encourage people to do their very best and speak up!

Now Joe Biden made me smile and I laughed so much with him it actually reminded me of my father and I even told him so. I met his wife and OMG I was so confused and excited I actually confused her with Caroline Kennedy. Either way she was laughing and flattered that I thought she was 30 years younger. Mrs. Biden is a gorgeous lady, not only in looks but in spirit as well. I was very surprised when she was talking to me and then Biden mentioned again that she has been an educator for 27 years.

I was very much impressed after the forum was done with Senator Biden’s daughter Ashley. She came right after I walked down the stage and introduced herself to me, told me she too is a social work major and that she worked with juveniles in the correctional facilities. I was impressed and grateful to hear this I think her job is a very noble one and she sounded very genuine ( I actually like her father better now because of the charisma of this young lady) Great father, awesome daughter all in all indeed a very descent family.

Later in the day at the Pepsi center an hour before my speech at the convention I was sent in to have my make up and hair done, and afterward placed in a holding room with so many senators, governors and important people I lost count. Someone stood out in that crowd and that was Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano.Sshe sat right next to me, we spoke about her background, my background and how she became a governor.

She does not have any kids and she lives in a tiny apartment. I learned she love shoes with heels, she really take care of herself, but she always believes there is a time and place for everything. She is very excited about these elections, she confessed. She realizes this history in the making. She gave me advice/pointers for when my time came to speak.

I was afraid/concerned I was going to feel isolated like an outcast but all the women I met they have and shared so many stories similar to average American like myself. There is a governor that did not finish high school but went on to get her GED. I am pleased to know that at least some of our leader are courageous women that have a good head on their shoulders.

I am inspired, I am transformed. I will forever treasured my memories here in Denver. I pray to God that our great nation is lead on the right path back again by a leader. And i am 100% sure that Senator Obama is the right man to get the job accomplished.

I also wish to mention a few people who really have make my time in Denver worth my while. Mystique is a young lady from Washington DC, she was incharge of helping me with the media, Victoria and Jon they were my speech coaching team, and there are other individuals I met along the way. All of them share something in commom, the opportunithy to help save America, and bring it to the right path.

There of course are many things to do at this convention, but I decided to head back to Cedar Rapids tomorrow. I must return to my ordinary life, the one in which I drive myself instead of having a driver. I will have to pick up after myself. I will reuse my towel at least twice maybe three times intead of having a fresh one everyday. I will have to make my own bed, make my own food, and where my steel tows boots to go to work. I won’t have the fancy make up, or the fancy hair, but what I will have in my heart will be that I am continuing to pass along the messege on why Barack Obama is the right man for the job to lead us. He is ready, he definately has the energy.

I saw Hillary speak tonight also and all i can say is Bravooooooooooooooooo Hillary you Rock!

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