By Rod Boshart – The Gazette’s Rod Boshart took some photos in Denver on the first official day of the Democratic National Convention.

Below: A street painter applies paint to a mural in downtown Denver on Monday close to the site of the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Below: Demonstrators and passers-by engaged in peaceful but sometimes confrontational discussion of religious philosophies Tuesday in the pedestrian mall near where the hotel housing Iowa’s delegation to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver. The gathering took place under the watchful eye of Denver police officers in riot gear.

Below: Virtually every corner of the downtown area of Denver where Democrats are staging their national convention are reaching out to delegates in their own way this week, including this business celebrating “Discobama” as the time approaches for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama to accept his party 2008 presidential nomination on Thursday.

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  1. As a true christian, I find it appauling what the extreame right continues to do. They never learn to help women & with their heath issues. I’m proud to be a loyal Democrat & christian, that knows love thy neighbor as thyselves. The conserative Republican’s will never understand, their version of family is seprate & being very deviseve. So any of your conserative christians, knock off the blame & start learning to be more in touch with the real world & start caring for once, insted of you heavy hearted egos!

    Matt Spellman
    Cedar Rapids,Iowa

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