My experience as I see it first hand in Denver

By Katherine Marcano – I was invited by the Obama campaign to address the 2008 Democratic convention in Denver. I was thrill and excited to do this. I arrived at Denver airport last night, and immediately was greeted by some volunteers wearing bright orange t shirts. I was taken to a car which them brought me to my hotel. I was impressed because Denver is no small city or town and people were so friendly.

Today I woke up at dawn, and with a hot cup of coffee I began rehearsing the speech I wrote. I am reminding myself this speech of for the people out there seating in front of their TV s sets, and that I will be fine. I remember my mother telling me to think of a peaceful place and concentrate in my message. I remember a friend of mine telling she is going to pray I don’t fall on my rear end on my high heels when as I approach the podium ( she was joking…. but there is always that possibility) I want to make my mama proud and also represent Iowa. I am really hoping that people understand my sincerity and my passion and devotion towards my family and the issue i am speaking about that affects not only my family but the entire nation. Issues like affordable health care and education… of course there are many things that concern me like the economy, gas prices and food. But I have to focused on two issues right now and bring attention to that.

I met Barack a while back, very down to earth person. I saw this man who I am sure will the next president of the United States of American and my impression was “Oh my God, his is really a simple guy.” He listened to me and all the other that where present. He likes to be challenged, and he can definately can identify himself with the general public.

This morning I was pick up by my “Tracker-person” a lovely red hair by the name of Victoria. She took me to the Pepsi center, gave me a tour introduced me to very important people I never dreamed of meeting. I exchanged pleasantries and a few jokes here and there. I practice my speech and it went fine… ( I was picturing Lake Macbride and Palo at sunset…it made me feel calm) I also picture my puppy and that definitely made me giggle so I had to keep a straight face. ( by the way the hotel where I am staying at is pet friendly and they have two beautiful shih tzus which reminds me of my pekingese my dear Peki) Anyways, after rehersal, and other things I had to go over with the team in charge of me, I decided to come back to the hotel rest a while write this blog and practice for an event tomorrow Tuesday morning with Michelle Obama. I have been invited to a forum in which I will be speaking and also I will be introducing her to the audience.

I am excited about this forum with Michelle, she is a very strong and humble woman, she came from a working class family so she knows not to sugar coat anything. I will be straight and bliunt with her, I will mention Iowa and the flood that affected us, I will tell her about my life and I will ask her What can she do for us working women? What can she do differently? and Does she thinks, she can do it better?

I really hope everything goes well. I am nervous and excited but I feel honor to be here in Denver getting my message across.

I will keep you all posted time permitting, and if any of you have any questions please do let me know. I will appreciate any imput/advice.

Until soon,

 Denver August'08

Katherine Marcano

Denver August 2008

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