An experiment: Live coverage of Barack Obama

By The Gazette – Reporter Jeff Raasch just completed one of two live blogging experiments that appeared on today.

Raasch was in Davenport covering an town hall event with Barak Obama. Here is a replay of the live coverage.

Columnist and blogger Todd Dorman also did an experiment with live blogging. He is in Denver for the Democratic National Convention and attended a breakfast with the Iowa Delegation. Here is a  replay of his live blog coverage.

The live blogging application we used is provide by Cover It Live, a free service. It worked very well. One of the positive things about the application is that it allow for real-time reader interaction. Here are a few examples:

[Comment From McHale]
This live blog is just a few seconds ahead of KCRG’s live stream. Wow! Thanks to the media for looking for new ways to cover these events!

[Comment From Patty]
I think I would ask about his education plan. I have heard he supports universal pre-k education, which I am in support of. I just haven’t heard some of the other details. Thanks to the Gazette staff for hosting this. Great way to spend my lunch period!

[Comment From Tiffany]
Thank you for doing a great job covering this! It’s great to have some live local interaction.

Let us know what you think of these two experiments. We’d like to do more of them in the future.

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